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Rich Accessories is an independently-owned online boutique headquartered in Durham, NC.  We carry high-quality jewelry and accessories with a polished, urban aesthetic.

Accessories have the power to change your mood, and shift your mindset. They not only complete your look, they tell the world who you are.  T-shirts and dresses come and go, but our staple accessories remain as timeless expressions of individuality.  

Explore, experiment and discover a new, more adventurous side of yourself.

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Hi, I'm Deanna Rich and I own and operate Rich Accessories!  Like many of us here in the Raleigh/Durham area, I am a transplant.  I moved here several years ago with my Italian-American family from Long Island, NY.  Growing up I was taught the importance of taking time each day to thoughtfully put yourself together before facing the world.  I've come to realize that not only is this an act of self-care, but a powerful way to establish your identity to yourself and others.

Jewelry is extremely important in my family.  It is worn abundantly, and plays a significant role in preserving family history and heritage. I wear my grandmother's and great-grandmother's jewelry on a daily basis. I even have pieces from my great-great grandmother from Italy that are over a 100 years old!

When I became exposed to the jewelry industry during my first few years out of NC State, it was clear I had found my niche.  Working with designers, metalsmiths, gemologists and enthusiastic clients didn't really feel like work at all!  

I've had a similar experience working as a contributing writer and fashion stylist for Triangle Style Magazine - never felt like work!  A big part of my job was to source merchandise from local boutiques to put together fashion editorials.  I began to notice that while we have a great variety of boutiques with very diverse points of view, the focus was always on the clothes.

Rich Accessories is the result of these experiences, combined with my strong impulse to serve others.  I wanted to create a type of store that I feel doesn't really exist - a shopping environment focused solely on accessories and the ways in which they can transform your entire wardrobe (and mood, and life, etc).  

I believe that relationships are the meaning of life.  I look forward to the real connections I will make with YOU -  my community and my clients. I look forward to hearing your stories, solving your problems and encouraging you to live your life with conviction


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